I’m telling you there is a chance…

Before you can file a bankruptcy, you must receive a credit counseling session from an approved agency. APFSC is approved to issue certificates in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code. Approval does not endorse or assure the quality of an Agency's services.

The reason for our agency is to assist those that need credit/debt counseling and guidance. Our first goal is to provide a service to people like ourselves, ordinary folks who have ‘been there’. Our second goal is to give you the guidance you need so you will be able to practice successful personal money management.

During our session we will address some terminology, learn about creating a spending plan, learn debt danger signs and solutions, budget development, and question/ answer time, followed by a quick agency survey (tell us what you think). You will also be calculating your net worth, as well as an annual cash flow to track your income and expenses.

We realize that some of you are here to get some basic budgeting skills, while others are here to fulfill a mandated certificate requirement. Whatever the reason, we hope that you are able to leave here with a better understanding of money management. We look forward to you having that extra change in your pocket!

We appreciate you choosing to work with APFSC!